Kimmie B works by private appointment only From the 20th September 2018.

“Closing the large walk in studio (previously located in Panmure) to reduce my stress load and address my depression & anxiety after years of trying to ignore it. I’ll be working from Eternitys professional by private appointment only studio. Which is by lnvitation Appointments. 

Being open and public instead of hiding it will help me better myself and after over decade of hiding my depression and anxiety I want to be open to all my clientele - who I knew would understand my sudden situation and decision, over 70% of my clientele have or have overcome the struggle of mental illness and shared their stories with me I felt I owed them after trusting me to design and tattoo them but my clients share some deep stories and struggles they face.  

I knew I didn’t want to be quite anymore after dealing with my major depressive disorder and severe anxiety for years, I choose to help better myself by speaking out publicly to help me face it and address it properly instead of packing it away.

Being honest and speaking up has incoraged me to focus on me and recovering from my mental break down brought on from excessive busines & personal stress, coping with unaddressed depression and anxiety instead of hiding it’s affects on my everyday life.

I want to help People struggling understand that asking for help is ok, I had to addressed it before it got worse by asking for help finally.

I hope to try raise awareness in speaking up after experiencing and struggling mental breakdown, I have lived with this too long, it’s time to be honest and vocalise and show people if I can speak up, be honest and openly public and address it  then I hope it incorages others to speak up about the struggle you’re having with their mental illness. “

No longer at 23 Queens Road, Panmure 

~ Professional Private Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery ~

Established to produce quality custom Tattoos and Artwork
by Artists who are passionate about their craft and careers.

~ * ~

*Previously known as Black Cat Studio established in August 2016 by Kimmie B Tattooist*
Choosing to change the name to promote Eternity as a place and home for Artists who want to show a different side of their passion; Art Gallery events, displaying artworks by Tattoo Artists and other talented Artists in the community.

~ Eternity Tattoo ~

Tattoo Artists priority at Eternity is to provide clients with tattoo
they requested for in a one on one private tattooing session.
Tattoo bookings are by Appointment Only to provide minimal interruptions
while you have your focused one on on time with your artist.

Eternity Tattoo & Gallery is Health Premises licensed with the Auckland Council in order to provide our clients with the highest level of hygiene and safty whilist receiving their Tattoo.  

Eterinty hosts a range of versatile talented tattoo artists who specialize in their own styles:

Realism black and grey
Cover ups & Reworks
Colour/Black and Grey
Custom Designed tattoos

  • ~ Eternity Gallery ~

    Eternity is also an Art Gallery that displays paintings, photography and art piece done but talented artists & tattoo artists.
    These are displayed in the studio gallery available for purchase.
    Regular Gallery evening Events are held to involve and showcase latest pieces by talented Artists who want to display thier Artwork.



Tattoo Appointment Information

Tattoo Pricing


Tattoo Appt Booking Fee: min $80 or 50% for booking day sessions

+Tattoo Booking fees are non refundable it acts as studio credit toward your appointment, it secures your appointment date with your Tattoo Artist.
It also ensures the our Tattoo Artists time is now wasted with the designing process.

+ 48 hours min notice is required if you find you need to postpone, you may only postpone no more than 3 times with the same booking fee.

+ If you fail to contact your tattoo artist and miss your appointment your booking fee will be VOID and you will have to pay another booking fee for a new appointment.

+ If you are more than 15min late to your appointment and have NOT contacted your Tattoo Artist you Appointment will be cancelled and your booking fee will be VOID and you will have to pay a new booking fee to make a new appointment

~ *COSTS and PRICES* ~

Minimum studio charge is $80 
Small designs will set quoted 
these can range in estimate costs of $80-$500
Tattooing sessions 45min-3 hours approx 
depending on the size, detail, etc
Projects that take longer than 3 hours 
sleeves, back piece etc & Cover ups/fix up/reworks are at hourly rate.
Hourly rate at Eternity $140per hour
Day session prices for Large scale work
back pieces, arm/leg sleeves: tattoo projects that take more than 10hrs.
with the following artists. 
~ Kimmie B Tattooist ~
  -3hr half day session = $350
  -5hr day session = $500