Eternity Tattoo and Gallery

Professional Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery

Established to produce quality custom tattoos and artworks 

*Previously known as Black Cat Studio established in August 2016 by Kimmie B Tattooist*

Choosing to change the name to promote ourselves as passionate artists who want to show a different side of our passion; Art Gallery events, displaying artworks by tattoo artists and other talented artists.





Kimmie B Tattooist 

Artist/Tattoo Artist & Director of Eternity Tattoo and Gallery (previously Black Cat Studio).



Joey V

Manea Tattoos

Resident Tattoo Artist at Eternity Tattoo and Gallery 




Tattoo apprentice under Kimmie 


Vaughan Repia 

Regular Guest Tattoo Artist 

Vaughan in based in Tauranga throughout the year at Hammerhead Tattoos